Fiber / Scientific Data

2017AFD 16.7, SD 3.8, CV 22.8, %>30 0.6
2015AFD 13.8, SD 3.2, CV 23.1, %>30 0.3
2014AFD 13.6, SD 3.4, CV 24.7, %>30 0.2

Rico Suave Son! Look at his Skin Biopsy!

NPA Peruvian Micro

ARI# 35028031   D.O.B. 7/22/2012  (7 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Proven | White

Full Peruvian
Sire: DDF Peruvian Rico Suave (Deceased)_deleted | ARI# 822280  | White |
Dam: NPA Peruvian Diva | ARI# 31396011  | White 

This male has an amazing future ahead of him!

A skin biopsy done by Norm Evans on May 14, 2015, reads:
"NPA Peruvian Micro" grades a true density of 95.26 follicles SQ MM of skin based on the average of 2 squares. All squares could not be utilized as the punch went thru the skin at an angle or the animal jumped causing a skewed view.
Observe the 12 fiber clusters in the S/P view that show an S/P of 13.0 to 1. Twenty five clusters show an average S/P of 13.4 to 1. Notice on the S/P view that the fibers show uniform placement within the connective tissue which is a trait likely passed from his dam.
His 400X scan show level 3 of 4 glands and less than 3% of his secondary fibers show medullation as determined by the red spot in the center of the fibers.
100 secondary fibers averaged 12.4 microns while 50 primary fibers averaged 19.1 microns for a variation of only 6.7 microns. This male show very strong fiber stats.

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Updated 2/11/2019